Welcome to the information section.

Here a few informations about me and my work:

I worked several years as a Lead Artist and Art Advisor at Rockstar Vienna (a computergame company).
In the moment I work as freelancer for different production companies working on TV commercials and similar projects.
A list of projects I worked on recently, can be found in the Project section of this Homepage.

My skills are: Drawing, Character Design, Environment Design, 3d Modelling , Animation of 3d Character.

In parallel I work on my private project "Theme Planet". An animation project.

If you are interested in more details about Theme Planet please visit this dedicated Website:

In 2007 I had the honor to present my Shortfilm "Bunny Situation" at the siggraph expo booth of Autodesk in San Diego.
b .....pig
Here a photo of me in front of the Autodesk Siggraph booth and a link to the Bunny Situation shortfilm..

Several of my Theme Planet assets had also been used to demonstrate new features of Maya

Press Coverage:

There are some articles a bout me, my work and my private project Theme Planet out there. Some of my Images had been also used as illustrating artworks for 3d Related Books.

You can find links to these articles and covers below:


I received several awards especially from 3d Forums and a "master award" from ballistic Publishing (Expose3)
I also received an CG Award from CG Society for my Diver 3d Rendering.

Recently I had the honor to become Artist of the Month at the AREA homepage , The official community homepage from Autodesk: