.Hi welcome to the "Making of " Section...

.I received quite alot of mails in the last month, how I work and what to do to
archive certain results...so the purpose of this section is to document a few
steps, from a simple concept art to a fully rendered model.

CREATION of IGOR, Mad Constructors humble assistant:

Before I start to model a character, I always try to fix the look with
a couple of drawings . Than I put selected drawings as planes in the scene
where I model the shape, to stick as close as possible to the drawing.:

... ...

As soon I am satisfied with the shape I start to create a shader for the surface
And start to paint different textures like color, specular and bumpmaps to simulate
Small bumps in the skin.


The next step is the setup, or rigging. This is necessary to make the character animatable.
On the left you see the face with severall "blendshapes" to apply expressions on Igors face.
The last thing is to apply a "skeleton" to the whole body to be able to animate the body as well.


So thats a very rough overview of the whole process...Here you can see the final
animation, combining skeletal animation and blend shape anims for the face: