An article about 3d modelling for games has been published in the swiss magazine "Heute",using some of my images to illustrate it.

This picture of the T.P. Barracuda was selected to be published in the new
Expose3 Book by Ballistic publishing. In addition it received a Master award what makes me very happy. A Wallpaper sized rendering of this image can also be found in the gallery section. More informations about this upcoming Book can be found here:

A recently published italian 3d Animation Book written by Daniele Bigi and Nicolo Ceccarelli, using Images of Theme Planet as Cover artwork and Illustrations:


An article about Theme Planet in a french magazine called Score:


An article about Sormann3d and Theme Planet was
published in the: "Journal of Computer Graphics".:


Another article about ThemePlanet and my other work
at CGchina: