Theme Planet short Overview:

This is the story of a little Pig and his big fat fellow Elephant working
in a giant theme park.
This park is covering the whole planet, in fact the Theme Park IS the planet.
There is no surface , just one attraction on top of each other forming a giant Theme Planet
floating through space.

At the beginning pig is not at all interested in the background of the world he exists in,
he just dont care and lives a boring life as an engineer (class3) repairing broken wagons and
trails together with his assistant elephant.

But after a while and some extraordinary events he gets interested in what is really going
on inside the huge structure they are living in, and after numerous adventures on their travel
to the planet's core ,meeting a lot of freaky creatures and strange places ,pig and elephant finally
reach the center of their world, meeting the "Mad Constructor" and his humble assistant Igor
revealing his ambitioned (and quite bizarre) universe
domination plans.