Hi, my name is Michael Sormann and I am working as a freelance 3d Artist for several projects and companies. If you are interested in my work, please visit the gallery section, if you want to contact me, please visit the contact section of this homepage.


 I updated my demo-reel . I added the Woodscene and the Town Scene animation. You can see it in the gallery section in the animation area , or you can click on the Thumbnail below :


This is a new scene I am working on,showing the spaceship I created recently, launching from a spaceport.
The left image is a rendered still image, the thumbnail on the right is a link to the launch animation



This is a rendering of a new character I created recently. Its a hamster-space-captain.
For more images of the character and more concept drawings please visit the gallery section .



Below you find images of a spaceship I created recently.
You can find more images of it and additional concept drawings in the gallery section..


spaceshipfront        captainFH 

This is a rendering of the inside of the Spaceship.
For more images of the bridge of the spaceship and more concept drawings please visit the gallery section .



This is a rendering of a new character I created recently. Its a diver in a diving suit.
For more images of the character and the concept drawing please visit the gallery section .


I uploaded a new drawing. The woodscene for my little knight project
is now fully colored.

I uploaded some WIP images of the Medieval City Scene I am working on right now.
You can find it in the gallery section.

 I uploaded a new scene concept. A city scene for my Little Knight Project.
You can find this and other related images in the gallery section.

 I uploaded a new 3d scene rendering. The Monster Cow, face to face with the Little Knight.
 You can find it and some additional WIP images in the gallery section.


 I Created a new character: A little Knight in several poses.
Visit the gallery section for some renderings, concept art and animations..


                               Wood Scene Concept                                        Little Knight on Horse Testrender


         Little Knight rendering             Acting Test anim           Monster-Cow vs. Knight concept              Expressions



Recently I completed the fur for my bunny Character.:  

                   Bunny Fur Test  ...............

  I completed the first version of my newes hobby short film project called Pixie Dust Bottled. Its about a pixie with flying problems. If you want to see it just click the link below or visit my gallery section and select it in the animations area. Hope you like it :)

... Pixie Dust Bottled.....

 I uploaded some new images in the gallery section out of my new pixie shortfilm I am working on in the moment.  Its a hobby project of mine, I  hope you like it...


I uploaded a new Project to the Project section. Its a nice little animation i worked on recently for a Canadian company called "The Odyssey" Find more infos about it in the projects section.

Arctic Scramble

I uploaded a little private animation called "Magic Melvin". You can watch it here or in the Projects section:

Magic Melvin


I worked several months on a Theme Planet based shortfilm for the SIGgraph presentation at the Autodesk booth in San Diego. I also prepared some of the assets used to present the new Maya version.

The shortfilm can be found in the Theme Planet section.
I also went to the Siggraph, it was very cool.. :)
Here a photo of me in front of the Autodesk Siggraph booth and a link to the Shortfilm:


In the back you see Pig and Elephants garage (a Theme Planet environment) during a presentation .

I worked on one Tv spot and one movie spot for a German company called Parasol Island.

Muenchner Allgemeine: A movie Spot for a Newspaper. I did a lot of the Character Modelling, and animation. I also created the second Environment (village).

Movie World (A Tv Spot, I did the rollercoasters the Astronauts and the toy space station)

I completed a new character, it's Mr. Bunny, he is a side character of my animation...
(Theme Planet Character Section, Gallery Section)


An interview about me and my shortfilm project Theme Planet has been published .


A new character is now completed. His name is Mr. Weasel and he is one of the many lawyers of Theme Planet.
(Theme Planet Character Section)


An article about 3d modelling has been published in the swiss magazine "Heute", using some of my images to illustrate it. (Theme Planet Info section)


I rendered the first images of Pig and Elephants headquarter:
(Theme Planet Gallery Section)


The picture of the T.P. Barracuda was selected to be published in the new
Expose3 Book by Ballistic publishing. In addition it received a Master award what makes
me very happy. ( Theme Planet Info Section)


Added some Screenshots of the already finished part of the shortfilm:
(In The Theme Planet Gallery Section)


Added new pictures of the Roller Coaster Operators Office:
(In The Theme Planet Gallery Section)


First Pic of the TP Barracuda:
(In The Theme Planet Gallery Section)

18.2.2004 A new Pic of two tourists racing along the tracks (Theme Planet Gallery):

15.01.2004: Added a new pic in the Theme Planet Gallery section:


28.09.2003: Added two new Characters to the Theme Planet section of this page:


22.06.2003:Added a new link ...
.It's Victor Navone, a very good animator

Visit the Theme Planet Section for Infos about the Project...
(Click picture...)

Welcome to my online Portfolio!


18.4.2003: At least I am done!!
The dedicated Homepage for my film project ThemePlanet is now up and running!

31.12.2002:Added a new pic to the gallery
Added a new animation, The mad
constructor walkin inside the reactor room.
(Test anim)


Today I added a new pic in the gallery:
"Mad constructor on robot"
Additionally I added an animation test for that
Character in the animation section.


I added two pictures in the Gallery section.
Added the CGTalk Choice Award I have got
for the "Mad Constructor" Image. :)


Today I added a picture from the Tv Spot I worked on recently. I also added a new version of the Frog anim and a new anim called jungle.


Today I added two Animations .
The one with the ships and another one
with the little Frog...
Additionally I added two pics of a warrior king.
Hope you like it


Added a new Animation. Its the anim with the pig and the gangster character.

Redesigned my Homepage